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About me

I started taking pictures for fun in 1985 at age 14, but already I was a programmer, and since then I have tried to build my professionalism with a broad spectrum of skills. You would say I was a nerd, yes I was! Starting from the end of the eighties I was able to work with advanced professional systems for multi-vision and slideshow and then with video editing systems, printing systems, networks, servers and graphics workstations for 2D and 3D, I’ve taught and provided advice. I’ve worked for years as advertising photographer and then I’ve focused my interest in graphic design. I have dedicated myself to evaluate all that was directly or indirectly connected to the world of the image. From capture to print, from postproduction to color control, so I could study all stages of the workflow, especially how each step, determines an effect and a reaction on the next working chain.

Some of the direct and indirect clients I’ve worked for:

Leica Camera – Olympus – Tamron – Tamrac – Eyecam – Toshiba – Allied Telesys – Dell – Oracle – CA Tecnologies – Panasonic – Clerici Tessuto – Luciano Padovan – FBM – GLF – FlexCar – Polyphoto – Black Rapid – BimboStore – Skitsch – Les Maisons des Alpes – Italia Protection – Altachiara – Be Easy – MV Agusta – Shedclub – BLF Fake Fur

  • Photography

    Travel Photography, Reportage and Landscape.

  • Digital Image Consultant

    RAW file development with different applications, realization of droplet and presets for customized workflow, color correction, color selection, file conversion, retouching and editing documents for both high quality products and for productivity. Pre shooting and pre press consulting.

  • Graphic Design

    Localization for corporate communication. Graphic design, brochures, catalogs and websites. Counseling services, supply and management of printing services.

  • Workshop

    Training courses and dedicated workshops.

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